Road Trip to the Virgin Beauties of Samos

Our office offers you a unique excursion (alternative proposal) for the tour of the island with a visit to wonderful unspoiled areas that may be far from the big tourist stream but charm with their indescribable beauty. These are mountainous traditional villages “drowned” in the green or for seaside remote picturesque villages that compose a unique image. This excursion is done by small bus due to the routes and the number of people concerns small groups.

We will start from the north side of the island following a coastal route. After passing KOKKARI and the famous beaches of Lemonakia, Tsamadou and Tzambou, we will start to climb the slopes of Karvounis (Ampelos). Following a route with amazing vegetation between cypresses, pines and vines but also with a unique view of the Aegean Sea we will reach our first stop in the mountain village of VOURLIOTES. We will walk in the narrow picturesque streets and we will end up in the big traditional square where in the cafes we will enjoy our coffee and the local sweets. We will continue our route we will pass by the seaside village of Agios Konstantinos and we will continue for the enchanting VALLEY OF AIDONIA.  An area of ​​incredible natural beauty with large plane trees that hide the sun, running water and music from the nightingales.  We will continue and pass through KARLOVASI the second largest city of the island and we will be led to the mountain village of PLATANOS (530 meters altitude), which is among the vineyards that produce the famous Samian wine. In the village square with the tall plane trees and the famous for the quality of the water we will rest and walking on the edge of the village we will enjoy the view of the whole Aegean.

We will descend with a destination south east following the coastal route that passes through MARATHOKAMPO and we will continue with a destination a truly pristine area, between steep ravines, wooded slopes and small churches at the extreme western border of the island. We will pass through the traditional village of KALLITHEA where the unique view extends to the Ikarian Sea and we will continue to our final destination, the DRAKAI. Unique truly traditional village with hospitable elderly residents. In the square we will eat Samian traditional delicacies. we will take the way back following the southern route of the island passing through the mountain villages PYRGOS and KOUMARADAI known for the aromatic plants and pottery workshops, we will worship at the monastery of the HOLY CROSS and through the island of PYTHAGORI will return the hidden beauties of green Samos.

In addition to this excursion, our office organizes the “classic tour of the island” but also other half or full day excursions such as the tour of the famous archeological sites and monuments, visit to the famous monasteries of the island etc. We are at your disposal to inform you for the days of the excursions, the departure times, for what they include in detail and for the cost of their data, of the continuous very important offers and discounts that we offer.

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