Visit to Ancient Ephesus

The guide to the town of ancient Efesos is optional in the context of the day trip to Kousantasi but it is about a unique experience you shouldn’t miss. As soon as we arrive in Kousantasi and after the short customs control the coaches will wait for us to start the trip. The Town of the ancient Efesos lies in a distance of 13 kilometers (almost 20 minutes by coach).

Built in the West Anatolia in a beautiful region met wonderful development during the Ionian era but also later during the Roman era. The last few years the ruins of a contemporary turkish city. Built in an amazing place. In the distance of Ermaikos bay identified with the luck of Hellenism from the end of antiquity till the 20th century. Today its development is impressive and Smirni has evolved to a major commercial and industrial centre of the Mediterranean. It’s the third biggest town of Turkey with a population that reaches the 4.5 million and the second major port after Constantinople’s. Nevertheless, the eastern color is intense especially at its neighborhoods and its traditional market. The excursion can start with a trip from Karlovasi with a destination to Sigatzik (coastal tourist town near Smirni) but also from Kousantasi with a final destination to Smirni. The excursion includes the ferry transport, road transport from and to Smirni and an overnight stay at selected hotels. The ancient town accepted the care and the conservation of the experts and as result today the picture of this unique archaeological treasure to impress. A whole town with its streets, the stadiums, the theatres, the temples, the hot springs, the gates, the residences and all its other sights wait for you to meet it closely and be guided by our special guides step by step to its bright history.

The tour is taking place in the language you will choose. After the end of the tour we will get on the coach and get back to the town of Kousantasi. The whole trip to Efesos lasts 2.5 – 3 hours, so as to have enough time to meet Kousadasi. Now there are daily tours but you need to confirm with us the available languages  of tour.

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